Episode 1

cropped-canstockphoto18903272-1.jpgEpisode 1 – March 11, 2016: Actually Living a Vibrant and Amazing Life! Our Journey to Wellness, Purpose, & Abundance.


Young Living Essential Oils


·         Divergent

·         Outlander


·         Divergent

·         Outlander

***Updated book notes:

Along about Chapter 12 of Outlander, I had to change my opinion. This became the typical Historical (or Hysterical) Romance. I’m really good at ‘filtering’ so I’m ok. I can still follow the storyline without being sucked into the ‘romance’. But I’m not sure I want to read all eight, or however many, books if they all continue along these lines.


For the record, I’m not anti-romance. But I do think what we read can often set us up for unrealistic expectations. I would just as soon skip the details and leave some things to my own imagination.***

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